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Discover The Industry-Disrupting Impact Routine For Infinite Cashflow

The 1-Day-A-Month Video Marketing Strategy That Drives Leads For Life

Create an evergreen lead generation machine to perpetually fill your pipeline.

The VIP Code

Create an evergreen lead generation machine to perpetually fill your pipeline.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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The VIP Code Will Show You How To...

Ascend Viewers From "Hello" To High Ticket Organically
Create Captivating Content That Leads To High Ticket Sales
Plug & Play Your Way To Evergreen Lead Generation
Spend 1 Day A Month On A Video Marketing Strategy That Drives Leads For Life
Scale Your Business To 6-7 Figures Through Video Alone
Automate And Accelerate Your Infinite Cashflow System
If you want an evergreen lead generation machine, you need two things: 
  A CASHFLOW SYSTEM (aka a monetization system in the form of front end to high ticket sales, with all the offers, launches, and resources that make your cashflow dreams come true). 
  A CONTENT MACHINE (aka your evergreen lead generation strategy, which includes your YouTube videos and everything you publish online).
The VIP Code will take you along our awards and rewards path to help you create exactly that.
You'll receive swag, pins, trophies and other limited edition gifts to encourage and celebrate every step you take, all the way to building your evergreen lead generation machine.

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Create a YouTube channel strategically positioned for impact and cashflow.

Prepare a year’s worth of batched content (5 days a week, 365 days a year!) to fuel your content machine and send video traffic directly to your funnels.
Set up the foundations of your cashflow systems to produce leads on demand. 

Plan for a future of creative content, capable of generating 6-7 figures from YouTube alone and 100k+ subscribers on the platform. 

We're Inviting You To CALL YOUR SHOT
We're Inviting You To CALL YOUR SHOT
Just Like These Visionary

Every entrepreneur has a goal - what’s yours? 
To hit 6 figures? Reach 100k subscribers on YouTube? Leave your 9-5? 

Go ahead and claim it. Make it known. 
Then, let the VIP Code lead you down the fastest path to cash.

Lock in your founding member price before it doubles!

We have a few of the exclusive "I'm A VIP Shirts" left! Lock in your Rank Makers Bonuses and exclusive VIP Code shirt today!

What Happens If You DON’T Become A VIP

Let’s Talk About The Risks…

We highly suggest NOT becoming a VIP, if you…

  • Love the feeling of not knowing where your next cashflow is coming from.
  • Are energized by the adrenaline of living launch-to-launch (rather than trusting a sustainable cashflow strategy).
  • Would rather pay for an endless supply of Facebook ads than set up an evergreen content strategy.
  • ​Are content with the speed at which you’re reaching your goals, and don’t want to move faster or take any work off your plate.

Does that sound like you? Yeah… I didn’t think so.


Become a VIP today to get… 

Content Outsourcing Blueprint

Whether you’re seeking a new videographer or you’re on the hunt for the right social media manager, this blueprint makes it easy to build your dream team! Team Jaxx has a very specific hiring process that skips the time-wasting and gets down to business; your access to this blueprint will help ensure that your team is indoctrinated into your company culture and passionate about their roles. Includes plug and play copies of job descriptions, interview questions, test assignments and more!
(Value: $997)

Lock in Your Exclusive Rank Makers Access & Bonuses!

If you implement EVERYTHING and you don’t get your investment - I’ll pay YOU $1000.

That's how much I stand behind my products. There are a lot of video marketing courses out there that teach you how to create video or how to publish video, but they don't teach you how to monetize. The monetization is actually the easier part of this process. Getting people to publish the content is the hard part.

Once you start doing that, it's really easy for me to support you in monetizing as you begin adding value, educating your audience, and scaling your audience and ROI.
Now let’s cure your FOMO…

We can’t make this stuff up! The VIP Code is based on real results from real entrepreneurs just like you.

But maybe right now you’re thinking… 

“My industry/niche is different - I don’t think this will work for me.” 

“I don’t have time to spend hours a day learning how - let alone implementing.” 

“You’re just going to tell me to buy ads.” 

“I’ve tried creating video content before, and it’s never gotten me results like this.” 

I don’t blame you for thinking that way!

As entrepreneurs, our businesses are our babies, our time is limited, and our skepticism is high. 

But let me tell you why the VIP Code is different: 

  • The VIP Code is a proven system that’s driven results like this for businesses in ALL industries (from wellness coaches to real estate investing and everything in between). If you don’t believe me, send us an email about your business and we’ll tell you how it fits the VIP Code!
  • ​The VIP Code is about driving passive cashflow, which saves you time. We’re teaching you the most efficient video marketing secrets that even the creators on the YouTube Trending page don’t know about!
  • ​The VIP Code is about making and saving you money. Think about how much you would spend on Facebook ads alone trying to get your content noticed. Instead, when you commit to publishing organic content on YouTube, you can grow your evergreen content and generate a constant stream of leads for free. 
  • ​The VIP Code is unlike any other video marketing strategy. This isn’t about scammy shortcuts or quick tricks to boost your subscriber count. The VIP Code strategy allows you to cater to what your audience is searching for, provide the best possible solution to their problem, and ascend them from “hello” to high ticket. 

By the way, if your content strategy hasn’t worked in the past… It has nothing to do with you. 

(The VIP Code contains the video marketing secrets that have been kept hidden from you. Trust me: gaining visibility, impact, and profit online isn’t as hard as the gurus and imposterpreneurs would have you believe.) 

Take it from someone who’s been in your shoes. 

Over the years, I’ve trialed-and-errored my way to video marketing success. I’ve taken the courses, attended events, and spent thousands of dollars trying to track down a strategy that fit the entrepreneur lifestyle.
If you’re anything like me when I first came up with this formula… 

You’ve got a cashflow system (at least a piece of it!) ready to roll. You have a converting offer that deserves more attention, and a business that deserves more cashflow. 

All you need to get it… is your content machine. 

And The VIP Code will walk you through the entire plug-and-play process of building it!

For just a small amount, you’ll get instant access to everything included in the VIP Code, plus all the bonuses listed above! 

If I offered you $26,437 worth of tools to build an evergreen lead generation machine inside of your business that could generate leads for life, would you say no?

Your content machine awaits you inside of the VIP Code! Become a VIP at the link below!

Total Value = $26,437

We have a few of the exclusive "I'm A VIP Shirts" left! Lock in Your Exclusive Rank Makers Access & Bonuses!

Frequently Asked Questions about The VIP Code

What kind of business is this meant for?

The VIP Code has delivered results for entrepreneurs in a vast range of industries - from health and wellness, real estate investing, church growth, and more! This video marketing strategy doesn’t discriminate against any industry or niche - if your audience is online, this strategy will help them discover you and your offer as the best and only solution to their problem.

Why is video such a primary focus of this program?

Here’s the truth: YouTube is the best platform out there to market your business. Since Google owns YouTube, the videos you create can potentially rank in Google search results - resulting in evergreen visibility for your business. 

I know firsthand how strategic video marketing translates into massive visibility, impact, and cashflow for your business. There are videos that I filmed years ago that are still bringing new leads directly to my funnels week after week without any extra work from me! And my clients’ results are even more unbelievable - one client who recently implemented the VIP Code for his business closed $11,000 in sales in only 3 weeks after launching his YouTube channel, coming directly from his new YouTube channel leads! 

I don’t have a professional camera or videography equipment. Can I still become a VIP?

Absolutely! When I started my business in 2016, my first videos were filmed by propping up my iPhone on a pile of books on a chair, and used a lamp with no lampshade for lighting. Totally bootstrapped.

You do NOT need expensive equipment to get visible and grow your audience.

I’ve bought other programs from you in the past. How is this different?

Jaxx Productions programs focus on either building out your content machine (aka your evergreen lead generation machine, everything you publish online), cashflow systems (aka monetization systems in the form of front end to high ticket sales), or both. The VIP Code focuses largely on building out your content machine with a one-day-a-month video marketing strategy that generates leads for life. We have never taught this strategy anywhere else.

Am I locked in or committed to this program for a certain amount of time?

You are not locked into a membership. You can join us month-to-month.

HOWEVER: the success path we are bringing you through is something that if you implemented for a year, you'd set up the system to have leads for life. It's priced affordably so that you can stay and we can support you with all the resources and strategy and community!

If you wish to change your membership at any time, you can email

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Need more proof? 
See what our clients have to say...
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